Bamboo is Amazing

23 Jan

the path of bamboo, revisited #16 (near Tenryuu-ji temple, Kyoto)Photo by:Marser – click picture to link to this great photographer!

Kyoto, Japan

 Bamboo is one of nature’s most valuable gifts to mankind. Its remarkable growth rate and versatile properties have made it one of the most sought after materials, especially in tropical countries.

Because of the destruction of forest land and many other ecological problems, man has been looking for an answer to the heavy usage of timber for paper and other materials. In the ancient product of bamboo, we may have found it, from bamboo paper, to bamboo clothing. Easy to produce and environmentally friendly, bamboo is becoming more and more popular with businesses and consumers alike.

Bamboo has some amazing antibacterial capabilities. It’s antibacterial property is commonly referred to as “bamboo kun”. It is because of this antibacterial, antifungal agent, that bamboo does not require the use of pesticides or herbicides for growth. To put it simply, pests and pathogens do not like bamboo.

The Green School, located in Bali, Indonesia has set a new standard for living off the grid. Please take a few minutes to watch this video and see just one example of how Bamboo is changing our world!


Did You know….

  • Quick growth– Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. It grows to full maturity in a matter of months or years, while traditional timber wood takes decades to do so.
  • Reduction of CO2 – Bamboo is shown to absorb more carbon dioxide than other plants, and puts out 35% more oxygen than trees, according to Johnson’s article.
  • Rejuvenates soil – As a plant, bamboo rejuvenates soil because removal of the plant isn’t necessary for successful harvesting. The thick root systems keep the soil in place, and the litter it produces rejuvenates soil that has been damaged by over farming.
  • Grows almost anywhere – One of the best features of bamboo is that it grows almost anywhere that isn’t too cold. Surviving in rain forests as well as deserts, bamboo needs very little water and no pesticides to survive.
  • Heals – Bamboo holds natural healing powers beyond your imagination. Yes, it’s true. Bamboo has long been a medicinal plant used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for over 3,000 years.

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